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Compulite theatre and tv studio lighting control systems and dimmers

Supply of all Compulite control systems and dimmers

Compulite Vector (Red, Green and Blue) stage lighting control desks and systems, Compulite Rave stage lighting control desk and systems Compulite Spark, Spark 4D and SparkTOP lighting control desks and systems, Compulite Dlite, Compulite Micron 4D and Ovation 4D stage lighting control desks and consoles Compulilte CompuDIM 2000 and CompuRACK dimmers

Full range of Compulite Whisper colour scrollers and changers

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Compulite UK Compulite UK

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Compulite UK

Tel: +44(0)1344 649400



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Compulite UK is the UK distributor for Compulite and  provides a wide range of products and services to the theatre, TV, school, university, museum and entertainment industry. Products we supply include theatre, television and TV studio stage lighting control equipment, systems, consoles and desks,  computerised stage lighting control systems, consoles and desks, theatre lighting control desk systems, digital cabinet dimmers, modular digital dimmers, digital installation dimmer racks, moving lights control systems, DMX splitters and mergers, colour changers, lighting CAD software, dimmer monitor software, stage lighting CD-ROM, colour scrollers, motorised and motorized yokes, HMI dimmers, DMX to D54 and D54 to DMX converters. Control systems include the Compulite Vector, Compulite Rave, Dlite, Compulite Spark, Spark 4D, SparkTOP, Micron 4D, Ovation 4D, Sabre and Vector stage lighting control consoles and desks, other products include the CompuDIM 2000 modular cabinet dimmers, CompuRACK installation dimmer racks, Whisper colour scrollers, Corona HMI dimmers, Luna and Nova motorised yokes.

Manufacturers equipment we supply include: Compulite, LSC, Zero 88, Strand, ADB and ETC.

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